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How I Hacked into 5 of my Friend’s Instagram Accounts

I’ve built up quite a huge following on Instagram only to be hacked and completely locked out of my account. I was locked out of my account for about 3 days. During this time I was afraid the hacker would have posted something. I was waiting for Instagram to respond to my problem but I couldn’t wait. They wanted me to send a photo of myself while holding a sign. There had to be another way so I did a search on Google for how to hack Instagram accounts. After a bit of digging, I downloaded an app that I could run on my iPhone.

The process of hacking my own Instagram account was easy

The app was more than easy to use. I just had to enter in my Instagram username and press start. After about 10 minutes it gave me the password to the account! The password that it gave me was completely different than what I had entered when I registered. Once I got back into my account I quickly changed the password to an extremely difficult one containing a lot of special characters, numbers, and capital letters. I looked through all my direct messages and found nothing unusual. I guess the hackers were using some kind of automated bot that goes around trying to brute force their way into Instagram accounts. The hackers probably didn’t have the time or didn’t get some kind of notification from their hacking bot to do any kind of damage to my account. My followers were sending me DMs asking about me not posting, they thought it was kind of unusual because I post almost two times a day.

Use strong Instagram passwords

It’s always a good idea to use a password that doesn’t use any words from the dictionary. Or at least use numbers that almost look the letters in their place. This can still be a problem because the hackers will probably program their tools to try number variations in place of those letters. Special characters are always good to have, I always have at least three of them in all my passwords that I use online.

Finding out how truly strong the Instagram hack tool is

If hacking into my own Instagram account was easy I wanted to find out how easily I can hack into my friend’s accounts are. I gave them fair warning before I did it and they agreed as long as I didn’t post anything ridiculous if I was successful. Five of my friends were up to the task and I was able to hack 4 out of the 5 accounts in 30 minutes or less each. Right now while I’m typing this the 5th account is still being hacked. It’s been almost 1 hour now, I’m suspecting that they are using a difficult password. I’ll keep it running and update you guys if it will be able to crack it.

There’s a lot of things you can do with the app like back up all your photos and videos with one tap. It’s a great way to quickly download everything on the account before the owner actually notices. Private DMs can be viewed and reviewed even if it’s already been seen. This is a handy feature to have because if you’re trying to get dirt on someone who’s been cheating on you then getting evidence will be as simple as pie.

I will continue to test it and see what else it is capable of. So far this Instagram hacking tool is much more powerful than I thought it would be.

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